How Does Money Make You Feel?

7 Apr 2022

Money and wellness are intrinsically linked. Improving your relationship with money will have a direct impact on your well-being, and improve your experience with both. This week is Mental Health Awareness week, and the theme this year is kindness. We want to take pause and ask everyone, including ourselves “How does money make you feel?”⁣

One of our favourite writers Laura Whateley explains candidly, that you should “Be kind to yourself about money.” The importance of this simply cannot be overstated. Money, debt, savings or lack-thereof can be an overwhelming part of life to understand, let alone control. Your relationship with money can directly impact your own self worth, but it’s important to take a step back and understand that whatever your current financial situation, it is NOT permanent. It does not define you. You can gain control of it, and improve your financial future no matter what your starting point is.⁣

Research has shown that this new age of social media has amplified these money struggles. Have you ever been confused by how your peers are able to afford the lifestyles they display online? Have you ever felt shame in not being able to keep up? Have you spent money on your credit card knowing you can’t really afford the expense? These experiences are becoming routine behaviours for young people. The feeling is shared, it is common but you don’t need to acquiesce this reality. It can change, and you don’t have you dig your head in the sand when it comes to your finances. ⁣

The sooner you become intentional with your finances, stare at your debts directly and decide to take action the better you will feel. Even the process of clearing off debt has a whole movement online, the #debtfree community exists to cheer you on as you clear your debt. To celebrate you and the fact that you’re taking decisive steps to improving your financial future.⁣

Most of all though, give yourself a break. Life is hard, and it’s super expensive. You are working hard to make your way and so long as you’re making progress every day, you are doing amazingly well. Keep focus, and be kind to yourself about money.